This is our first real compost bin, coconstructed as described in other posts.  When we took over our plot it had some of those ‘dalek’ type bins that didn’t work well for as as they didn’t allow for much mixing or keeping the compost damp.

So it’s also the first winter we’ve had an open compost bin and it seems that in these ‘hungry times’ it’s become a target for scavenging animals.  From the amount of mess that has been strewn about we think it is probably an urban fox. A cat or rat wouldn’t have been able to pull off the black fabric covering we had in place up to now.

Something has been digging in the compost pile

We put our kitchen waste onto the pile and never put meat or bones on there, so we’re not quite sure what the critter is after. We what you keep doing that as it’s all good for composting, so a solution is needed.

Whatever the attraction, we’ve added a wire mesh layer on top of the black covering that will hopefully be a deterrent.

Time will tell if that’s enough to keep everything nice and tidy!

The problem and hopefully the solution

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