Exciting times for us at the allotment site as we’ve been allocated an extra plot for this year!

It’s roughly the same size as our original plot, at about 10×10 meters, with a lot of grass and weeds on it from a bit of neglect by previous tenants.

Very short break before the hard work

That said, we’re a year wiser than when we started this allotment adventure, so we know more about plot management and the techniques we want to use.

We also inherited some fruit bushes and transplanting them into a weed free patch was one of the first jobs to tackle. Not sure exactly what they all are, but least a couple of gooseberrys we think.

Our new mystery fruit bed
Happy to take on the challenge

There will be planting in the first year too, mostly large ground cover such as squash and pumpkin, which will hopefully make the area look nice and green as well as providing plenty of produce.

This will definitely be a ‘no dig’ project and we’re going to try and do it with all biodegradable materials, which should be interesting. More on that later….

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